You get a recap! I don't always recap games, so please do enjoy them when they appear on this blog.

The Canucks came out to this game looking terrible.

Bobby Ryan's goal comes from a bad turnover made by Shane O'Brien. There was no shots on goal until they went on the powerplay 13 minutes into the first, which was Getzlaf's 1st tripping penalty of the night (he got more later). Luongo bailed them out multiple times during this game on shots from Perry and Bobby Ryan.


The Henrik scores on their 1st even strength shot at 17: 07, which was their second shot of the night.


The Canucks then go back to the 2nd period sucking. Getzlaf scores to make it 2-1 midway through the period. Bullsh-t chant errupts from GM Place.


Shane O'Brien decides to take matters in his own hands, literally. Fight! The helmet comes off, the girls in Vancouver swoon, it energizes the crowd and the team so it's all around pretty effective. Darcy Hordichuk attempts to fight Parros later in the period, but ultimately fails at fightning. Hordichuck proves he's useless. Would you like a ticket to the press box?

2 minutes in to the 3rd period Bernier wrists a goal in on Hiller. TSN announces that the goal is Bernier's 9th of the year. I ask myself: 9th? Seriously? Must have gotten most of them at the beginning of the year because those hands of stone haven't scored recently. The crowd is "Woo!"-ing. I don't think the fans at GM Place realize that the Woo is a Hurricane thing (Ric Flair). Then became a Penguin thing from The Pensblog. I don't mind we if adopt the Woo, but you have to give credit where credit is due.

The Canucks play the 3rd period with jump. Finally there is exciting hockey, can we sustain the 2-2 tie to go to overtime? My flatmate K sits besides me and says it's too bad that we don't have Wellwood for the shootout, then Bieksa picks a terrible time to take a penalty with 5 minutes left in the game.


A quick pass from Calder to Koivu and the Ducks are up 3-2. The Canucks try to tie it up but Hiller makes some ridiculous saves.


The Canucks have now just lost to the worst teams in both the East and the West. Next up is the Caps, who according to TSN are in Vancouver and had their rookie dinner tonight, should be an exciting one.