So after watching last night's win over Minnesota, I have come to some conclusions about what the Canucks use as 'their song'. You can see the whole playlist for every song being played at GM Place whether it be during the warmup, during the game or the intermissions here at DJ Dave's blog on Canucks.com.

Now the Canucks actually have been trying to make the music at GM Place better. Of course not everyone will love every song they play, but after many complaints the Canucks began to make the requests more fan interactive. So if you go the Canucks website, you can suggest the 'type of music' you prefer to be played at games or request specific songs that you want to hear. How many Canuck fans who attend games will actually use these channels to voice their opinion on music seems pretty low to me, but hey it's there.

The player intro song that the players skate out to currently is U2's 'Where The Streets Have No Name' which has been brought back after many many requests by fans. This I like. This song has such a history with fans who attend games. The feeling you get, especially if you have attended a playoff game and heard it, it sends shivers down your spine.

But what really chaps me these days is the goal song and song that they play at the end of the game if the team wins.

The current goal song is Green Day's 'Holiday' which is terrible. This needs to change. It's worse than last year's Crowd Chant by Joe Satriani. Now I watch a lot of hockey and I'm not saying that there aren't worse ones out there, example Chicago's choice: Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis. But maybe this song may only elicit a feeling of anger out of opposing teams, ie any Canucks fan who watched last year playoffs, so perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if you were a Hawks fan? The problem with the Green Day song is that I don't feel like I have that connection with it. Like when the Canucks score a goal, it really just doesn't embody the same feeling that a goal elicits.

The other problem I have with the music is that after a Canucks win at GM Place, DJ Dave playe the Star Wars Theme when the players spill off of the bench onto the ice. As with the goal song, this song just doesn't have the right feel. It is not peppy enough, not enough emotion, and doesn't really make the crowd at GM Place want to cheer for the win that the team just had.

I'm not good with suggestions on what to replace the songs with, but I do think that whoever is in charge of choosing the appropriate goal song or exit song should rethink the songs that we are currently using. Perhaps look to what other teams use and then poll Canucks fans to choose one? Or maybe like in Chicago before Chelsea Dagger was chosen as their goal song, they tried a few different ones out as a player goal song until they decided on Chelsea Dagger.