This may be my last post before 2010 (unless something crazy hits the headlines tomorrow that necessitates something be written), so a few ending thoughts to close out the year.

  • Last game of year tomorrow at 4pm against the St. Louis Blues.
  • First game of the year will be at 11am on Saturday against Dallas. Yes 11am.
  • Word on the street, well from Botchford of The Province at least, is that even if Bieksa is injured, Schneider will not play again for the Canucks. He says that that Schneider's demands for more ice time was only part of the issue. Botch says that NOBODY was happy with him.
“You’re speaking to a guy who generally believes in forgiveness,” assistant general manager Laurence Gilman said. “But there’s been a certain amount of water under the bridge at this point. He hasn’t been happy with what has occurred here, and we haven’t been happy with what has occurred.”

So uh, thanks for nothing Schneider
  • Ehrhoff is named to Team Germany
  • Salo is named to Finnish Olympic Team
  • Bieksa was expected to return home to Vancouver after the laceration to his leg. I can only imagine that the recovery time will be measured in weeks.
  • 4 of the blueliners from Team Canada are from BC: Scott Niedermeyer, Shea Weber, Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith. Nice to see some local representation on the team.