Q. Who is first place in the Western Conference?
Here's a hint: It's not the Sharks.


Surprised? I was a little too as they just kinda crept up into 1st place in the West there. Sure, that Calgary hasn't played as many games yet, but The Royal Half is pretty pleased with it.

So the Canucks are on an 8 game homestand and have now won two games in a row. The game against Atlanta, the Canucks just crushed the Thrashers.The game against Minny on Saturday, well they did have really good offense and luckily had the pleasure of a the Wild's backup goalie Harding, to play against.

And although we may all be happy about the win, there were two things wrong about the game. The first is the faceoff's, which the Canucks came out winning only 20 out of 68 draws equalling a 29% success rate. That sh-t needs to improve. The other was that Luongo, although he stopped a ton of shots, he looked shaky at times. Like when I was watching, I didn't have that feeling of full confidence that he was going to always make the save. The Wild also outshot the Canucks 41 to 29, but I think that stat is tied into the faceoff win rate, so hopefully we'll see them both improve tomorrow night.

On a positive note about our team, Henrik is now only 3 points back from Joe Thornton in points, tied with Marian Gaborik at 41 points. Henrik also notched his 500th career point on Saturday night, all of which for the Canucks

The Canucks have already beat the Kings twice this season, once in LA winning 2-1 in a shootout and the other at home winning 4-1. We won't see them again still April 1st where teams will be struggling to get those last points heading in to the playoffs. The Canucks are just sitting 4 games above .500, but are in 10th spot in the Western Conference. These days just to move up 3 points in the race it feels like it takes 10 games to do it.

The Canucks need to come out strong again tonight, and be as offensive as we've seem them in the past two games. This LA team is gonna look good compared to a couple of season ago, and what's scary is that they are gonna look good for the next few seasons.