The Canucks lost to the Phoenix Coyotes 3-2 tonight in a shootout, can't say it was the most thrilling game ever and I was reminded by how boring the 1st and 2nd was by Larscheid over and over and over again....guh, Larscheid....

  • Schneider has been put on waivers in hopes that a team will pick him and his paycheck up. He was unhappy with the amount of ice time he was getting in Vancouver. His contract is for $1.5 million base pay plus $1.2 million in potential bonuses, if he clears waivers he will be assigned to the Moose.
  • Dan Murphy's twitter said that Bieksa's injury was a laceration by a skate to the leg, no info on the severity of it yet
  • Not to get ahead of anything here, this is just a personal thought: if Bieksa is injured for any length of time, maybe they would want to play Schneider now? I wonder how that conversation would go with him...
  • Pavol Demitra has been named to the Slovakian Olympic Team
  • Nice article on Pyatt in Phoenix. He had 5 goals in the last 12 games heading into tonight's game and his plus-minus stas was a plus 12
  • Tonight's win for the Coyotes was a franchise record for 10 wins on home ice
  • Ryan Johnson has a crack in the bone of his foot according to the Team 1040
  • Did was all just hold our breath when Luongo was caught out of his net? Did we all yell at our TV's and tell him never to leave his crease again?
  • Phoenix has a lot of good looking players. Pyatt, Upshall, Prucha, Lombardi....just sayin'
  • Jovo has a little bit of a meltdown in the box, non?
  • What was Shane O'Brien doing trying to pick a fight with Aucoin at the end of the game? WHAT?
  • Ryan Kesler broke his stick as he went through the tunnel at the end of the game
And my final thought for tonight: Is anyone else a little relieved that Yzerman will finally announce the roster for Team Canada tomorrow? I'm all for speculating and evaluating as to who might be on it, but lately the media has gotten a little ridiculous. Neverless, produtivity across Canada will reduce tomorrow at about 9am PT. We'll discuss tomorrow.