After almost a full year hanging out at blogger, the Vancity Canuck has joined the Bloguin family! I am thrilled to be the resident Vancouver Canuck blogger on this network of great blogs that are written by bloggers I read and respect.

The site has a new design, a fantastic banner and a new name! Benched Whale can now be easily found at benchedwhale.com

Benched Whale will be a blog about my love and sometimes hate with the mediocrity that is known as the Vancouver Canucks. Did you come here for news and insightful analysis? Oh you did? Well that may or may not happen. What I do try to bring is my own brand of analysis, sarcasm and wit to everything Canucks or hockey related

I am still stunned that the bosses at bloguin said they liked my work, and not just one blog but both of them (the other is my Tampa Bay Lightning blog named The Hockey Bay). So when they asked if I wanted to move both of them over to the bloguin network, clearly the answer was yes. I get a site re-design, spiffy new banner (love it!) but still get the creative control over what I feel like I want to write about.

In addition, one of the things that really swayed me to join was the community of hockey blogs that have joined bloguin. The puck blogs are growing fast here, so it's very exciting to be part of something that feels big. One of the great things about being a blogger is getting the chance to work with other bloggers on collaborative features as well as just having an enemy blog to hate on when writing a game preview.

So enjoy the new site, I know I do.