First of all, great showing to everyone who came out for the Canucks tweetup at Library Square. So great to meet some of you in person! I don't think I've ever felt so much emotion while watching a game at a bar (the tension was crazy in the dying minutes of the 3rd). Our section was super loud (lots of yelling at the big screen), had an appearance of Gino Odjick at the bar and your writer even won some prizes! Woo

I will have you know that I did not appear in any tweetup video that can be found on the Canucks website, stayed away from that camera with a 10 foot pole, but the cute Canucks rep in the polka dot dress did hook me up with a prize.

My blogger buddy, the Royal Half was at game four in Los Angeles, his recap can be found here. He's been to 3 out of the 4 games played so far, which makes me incredibly jealous. His photo adventures of his games are epic, like why are you still reading this post because seriously you should be reading his game four photo adventure.

So thoughts on the game:


I love the Kings' third jersey's. love love love them. They are a very sexy jersey. Such nice lines and simple design, if the Canucks weren't playing the Kings, it would make me want one.

So the game starts off, with Doughty scoring the first goal, guess what on?


The powerplay!

So the Kings celebrate another powerplay goal.God I wish Doughty weren't so goddamn good. I like him better when I could cheer for him on Team Canada

Good thing someone at my table tells me some ridiculous stat that whoever scores first in any of this game of the series goes on to lose the game. Really? Someone at my table double checks the blackberry and correcto! So we have some stats on our side.


Ehrhoff starts off the Canucks scoring in the 2nd period with our own PP goal. Woo!

And then the Canuck take a penalty (Bieksa!) and the Kings get another freaking powerplay goal. Seriously. I hate you Kings. And I say hate, because I'm really really jealous of your powerplay.

The Canucks finally kill off a powerplay when Jannik Hansen goes to the box for high-sticking. Pavol Demitra apparently got the memo to show up last night, and gets a goal to even up the score....only to have the Kings re-take the lead with, you guessed it another freaking powerplay goal. Ok not quite, but it was a goal on the Canucks delayed penalty by Kopitar, so for all intents and purposes, that's 3 straight powerplay goals tonight. Aaaargggh!

So the third period:

The Sedins are on the penalty kill, the Canucks kill off an actual powerplay, Samuelsson gets his fifth goal of the playoffs and Luongo makes some save on a Frolov breakaway that could be called the turning point of the game for the Canucks.

Now please enjoy something that I know Mr. Half is going to roll his eyes at:


Quick, is not quick enough to stop...


Sami Salo's slapshot!

Salo fires a rocket and gets the Canucks a powerplay goal (finally!). The Canucks' special teams are looking slightly better after this.

But of course, LA answers back a minute later with Simmonds going hard to the net, beating O'Brien.

The Canucks really just don't know how to hold the lead. I'm dejected at the bar, truthfully very scared of the Kings. And just like magic...


The Art Ross trophy winner scores a the freaking go ahead goal! Crowd erupts in chants of MVP. Woo!

And then the Kings decide to trade Sedin like a pinata....and attack like piranha's!!!!!


Screencap via @gutsmctavish23


Kesler ends it off with an empty net goal and guess who had the player card for Kesler? Yeah this is how I got my free swag from the Canucks.

So next game is Friday night in Vancouver at 7pm. I don't think I'll be able to watch this game in public since I could barely make it through game four at Library Square. There is something about watching a big game in public that has me even more nervous than I should be. If I had it my way, I would have been in lock down at home catching the game.
That may be the plan for Friday night.

Sunday night's game has been announced to start at 6pm PST

Go Canucks Go