Ed Willes hits the nail on the head with his column today in The Province: exciting hockey with lots of goals is fun to watch, but really just winning the game is the end result we're looking here. After game four, my nerves are shot. It probably didn't help that I sat at a bar with some of Vancouver's biggest superfans all yelling at the screen. The superfans>me.

Andrew Alberts draws back into the lineup tonight as Nolan Baumgartner somehow injured his right leg in the one game he played. Both Rome and Baumgartner are now listed as day-to-day. Any guesses if he gets out of tonights game with more time on the ice or more penalty minutes? As for the Kings Justin Williams is in for Scott Parse tonight.

I'll be at home tonight in lockdown mode. Live blog? Oh that might be a possibility, if not liveblog look out for me on twitter. As always, check out my blogger "other half"*, the Royal Half over at his blog or on twitter.

Go Canucks Go!

The Canucks will be doing another party on the plaza 2 hours before puck drop just outside of GM Place, details can be found here.

*Apologies on the really bad puns...I promise they will get worse as the series goes along...