Apologies for the lame preview of tonight's game. I opted to not bring my laptop to where I was spending the weekend, and using a computer that is not my own has been trying. It was a big feat to even write up a preview for tonight.

So after the Canucks destroyed the Kings 7-2 last game, the Canucks have the chance to end the series tonight in LA. Last night the Pens and Sharks both ended their series' yesterday and the Canucks and Wings look to do the same today. If that happens, do you realize the Canucks will end up in a rematch with the Hawks or end up playing the Wings? At this points, I'll just focus on this series since until we've won a game, there's always a chance that the Kings will come back and win the next two games in a row.

Yesterday the always notoriously critical Tony Gallagher actually had something positive to say about the Canucks. He even went as far as calling the Sedins "absurdly good".

Game time is at 6pm. The Royal Half will be there. Will he be watching his playoff dreams die tonight? Or will the Kings extend the series?

Go Canucks Go!