According to THIS article by Jason Botchford in The Province, it doesn't sound like Shane O'Brien is out of the doghouse just yet.

Not unless he’s lost 13 pounds in three days and sufficiently repented for his off-ice sins, which, the Canucks inferred, suggest he does not care about the game or his team.

By all accounts, O’Brien has been working his tail off in exile. Sweating off pounds and guilt.

But before he can make a return, he still has to face some more tribunals. He has to meet with head coach Alain Vigneault, which could happen Sunday, and with GM Mike Gillis who isn’t scheduled to sit down with him until Monday. None of the meetings are expected to be warm and cuddly.

So based on what Botchford's article, it sounds like O'Brien won't be in the lineup tomorrow against Minnesota. It's too bad since watching Alberts on the ice makes me wish O'Brien was in the lineup instead, and that's saying a lot.

As much as I have a soft spot with O'Brien, being a repeat offender at what he has done is unacceptable as a pro hockey player. His job is to stay in shape, show up to practice on time and play hard every game. Gaining weight and showing up an hour late to work is unacceptable when you are being paid loads of money to play hockey as your job. Playing hockey is a dream job that really for his type calibre player at his age will not be around for that many more years. He's an RFA at the end of this season and antics like this certainly can't help his case for a new contract.