Three games left and there's a Y beside our name!



What is not so woo?

Ehrhoff Has X-Ray on Knee
Ehrhof skated just three shifts in the third period and in a collision with Andrew Brunette injured his left knee. Today he went for an x-ray on his knee. No news released about his results yet, but with only three games left he has a little time to recover before the playoffs start

Kinda woo....

Lineup Changes
-After a week long banishment from the team, Shane O'Brien will be back in the lineup to replace Ehrhoff. In his week-long bootcamp, O'Brien dropped back down to 227 pounds from 235 pounds
-Will they rest Sami Salo? Bowness says "We'll let Sami dictate that and if he wants a day off, we'll give him a day off,
-Nolan Baumgartner into one of the last two regular season games so that he can play a game before the playoffs
-Luongo is expected to play two out of the three games remaining

Have you checked out NBC's Pro Hockey Talk?
Restrain your thoughts about what you think of NBC, their foray into hockey blogging is not what you'd think, it's actually good. It's being written by Brandon Worley and my friend James O'Brien and they have been writing like madmen. Brandon wrote a great post today on his first day as a member of the credentialed media.

This past weekend, your humble writer was featured on PHT in a series they are running on the "most frustrating player" of each team. My pick for the Vancouver Canucks? Pavol Demitra. Check out my reasoning here, feel free to disagree.