Even though we beat the Flames 7-2 on Wednesday night, the win, although it felt good after the game, was quick to disappear. The good feeling I mean, not the win. What I mean by that, is that because the Canucks had this Blackhawk game on the schedule for Friday night, the win against Calgary doesn't have that same emotion of confidence and joy that a win aginst Chicago could have.

Does this sound ridiculous?


Two points are two points, but a game against Chicago has become a test every time it shows up in the schedule. Though it is in equal value to the game we played against Calgary, if we lose against the Blackhawks (AGAIN), the fans will be venting their rage on the TEAM 1040 and back to throwing the players/goalie/defencemen/coach under the bus. But that's what happens when a game against a team that a few years a ago meant so little has become a game against a team that has now reached mystical proportions in our perception. Of course they are the most recent Stanley Cup champions, so if there was a team to measure yourself up to, I guess it would have to be against them.

Obviously I want the Canucks to kick their ass like we did against the Flames, but a hard played game will do. Actually a win would be pretty fantastic but I think I would be content with a really well played game. I'm not looking for physical fights between players, as I don't think that really proves little to the fans anymore, just 60 minutes of well played hockey.

The good thing for the Canucks is that they're on a three game win streak having beaten the Avalanche, Sharks and the Flames. They are playing some of the best hockey they've played all season, and they've had scoring for all four of their lines. The combination of Kesler, Raymond and Tambellini is deadly with their speed and have really looked like they sparked the team. And who knew that dropping Samuelsson down to the third line would spark him?* In summation, the Canucks have played great hockey this week, and yes, tomorrow is a test. A big test.

Game time is at 5:30pm on TSN

Go Canucks Go

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*Though maybe it didn't spark him but spread the talent out a bit more so that it's harder to contain? Have to think about that one some more.