Lately the Bieksa trade rumours have been cropping with more regularity. It seems each week we have a new rumoured team that Bieksa is being headed to. Last week it was Colorado, this week it seems it's Ottawa. It's getting a bit trying, non?

Don't get me wrong here, I love to make quips about Bieksa. It really is such great fun to blame everything on Bieksa, whether or not he was actually at fault for anything. If you don't do it yourself, you should really give it a go. Find some mistake he makes during the game, and then exclaim 'Bieksa!' in a tone of frustration, it really is pure joy some nights.

But let's get serious, Bieksa is not going to get traded in the next couple of weeks. It really isn't going to happen right now as he really is needed on our blue line. He'll probably get traded eventually as we just won't have the cap space to re-sign him for next year, but I just don't see the trade happening right now.

Sami Salo has only just begun to start skating again. I think I read somewhere today that he skated for like 15 minutes or something, which really doesn't put him at the point of being ready to return just yet. I think we are expecting him to be back maybe in the new year, but that depends on how well his recovery goes and how he ends up feeling on the ice. And what if, just for arguments sake, Sami Salo doesn't come back at the same level as before? Does Bieksa become more valuable to the team then? That's a question that you have to ask yourself.

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And this year, Bieksa to me, has actually been better on the ice than over the past couple of years, especially when he has been paired with Dan Hamhuis. And until Ballard can up his level to be the top four defenceman that we're paying him to be (and gets out of AV's doghouse), the blue line of the Canucks doesn't actually perform that well game in and game out to be without him. And let's not forget that Bieksa is the only right handed shot on defence which makes him quite valuable to the team.

So I'm going to ignore any of the Bieksa trade talk that will crop up for the next couple of weeks since I just don't see the logic in timing a trade now given the Canucks' circumstances with Salo. I will most likely still make jokes about his play, but that's because I enjoy to, not because I actually want him traded right at this moment. Even though his game is flawed, I realize that the team still needs what he brings.