So it being Markus Naslund's jersey retirement ceremony at the end of the week, you know the next few days until Saturday night will filled with Naslund stories about how the city is gushing over him. Let's not forget that the city and it's critical fans is one of the reasons he was driven away from here...but ok we'll forget that while we think up our favorite memories of #19.

I was asked by a certain Canucks blogger about what my favorite Markus Naslund memory was for a blog post that they were putting together (link will be posted one their post goes up). And I spent the weekend digging through my memory of favorite on ice moment. I think of the Westcoast Express line when I think of Naslund's time here in Vancouver. I think of his leadership and all the stories of how really genuinely NICE he was to fans. But favorite on ice moment?

Fastforward to Ed Jovanovski going crazy in the penalty box when he sees that the Canucks have scored for some youtube joy.