1. Patience. Patience. Patience. There will be a line up everywhere. For anything. They could be giving out old Canucks Sundin jerseys and people would stand in line for an hour to get them. Why? Because they are FREE.

Though the zip line through the city is cool, is it worth a 6 hour wait?

2. There isn't that much to do downtown but there are a ton of people. Lots of people. I don't know exactly what everyone is doing, but they are there.

3. Most jerseys didn't have names on the back, which is a little dissappointing, but for the ones that did, here is my estimates of a jersey count in about 3 hours of being downtown today:

Luongo - 8
Crosby - 15
Heatley - 1
Brodeur - 8
Nash - 22
Iginla - 30
Sharks' Douglas Murray - 1

Who knew there were so many Nash or Iginla jersey's?

4. Russians and their tracksuits.


Notice that the girl has matching red boots, with detailing. They are about $400 if you want to buy one. I saw multiple people with them today, which leads me to believe that all Russians are told to rock their Russian tracksuits everywhere in groups of people also wearing matching tracksuits.

5. Jeff Carter has landed in Vancouver today, coming with Chris Pronger, they gave interviews at YVR. But with Getzlaf getting two goals and two assists Sunday night it looks like he's healthy enough to play, so do you think that means Carter will remain in Vancouver for a few days just to take in some events *ahem* nightlife since he is here already? Yzerman to submit his final roster by Monday at 12pm PST

And one final Canuck related thing: Edler has been told to be on standby as he could be a last minute addition to the Swedish team