As you may have noticed that the posting this week has been a little slow. Apologies dear readers (hi mom!), but it has been a combination of real life and other stuff that I have been working on that has caused the lull. But I have been writing, just not on here, but here are some links to the stuff I have been up to and some thoughts on the week (so far)

Stuff I've been up to:


  • Bernier is trash
  • So is our 3rd line
  • I miss Willie Mitchell
  • Ottawa has won 11 straight games
  • Washington has a win streak of 12 games
  • Kovalchuk turned down a contract offer of $101 million dollars. Un-freakinreal. Wow. Why? He thought the club was shaky, so why not just go the NMC route?
  • In the 40 minutes away from my computer today, Kovy was traded, to the Devils. Whatevs. I won't stop believing that they play boring hockey until I see it, and since I don't watch their games, I guess I won't
  • If having an Olympic break means that we have a trade deadline week following by another trade deadline day after the Olympics, can we have the Olympics every year? Screw the All-Star break, these past few days have been unreal. Remember last year the biggest trade was Jokinen to the Flames?
  • Hitchcock has finally been fired. I personally thought it would have been after the loss to the Canucks at the beginning of January. Actually, it probably should have been right after the loss to the Canucks at the beginning of January
  • Some sports analysts do a fantastic job on twitter
  • Cody Hodgson played tonight for the first time with the Brampton Battalion. He had two assists, that sigh of relief is the realization there might be a light at the end of the 3rd line catastrophe tunnel

And Ovechkin scored his 500th goal with only one hand: