Hell no.

Two losses, we are not in a slump. Get a freakin grip Vancouver.

Fact: Our road team sucks. This we need to fix in a hurry since we are only 3 games into a 14 game road trip. After Luongo acted like a prima donna calling out his teammates after the game against Montreal, Raycroft started tonight. The team did nothing to help Raycroft in winning tonight's game against Ottawa. The team was slow, took dumb penalties and didn't bring the offense to Elliott. And when Bernier had a breakaway? Nobody expected him to score. Bernier has been trash. Coach V needs to bench him, like now. O'Brien tried to stop a 3-1 by sprawling on the ice right into his goaltender, well at least he tried.

Don't worry Luongo isn't injured, Gillis said that it was decided on Wednesday that Raycroft would start tonight:

"Roberto is fine in the sense that he's healthy," Gillis said. "We were looking for an opportunity to get Andrew into a game and we thought this would be a good chance because (Ottawa) is playing back to back."

The Canucks flew out to Boston tonight after the game and will play the Bruins at 10:00am on Saturday (on Sportsnet)