With the way that the Sedins have been playing these days, they may be an unstoppable force come Olympic time. Although it has been known throughout the league that they are both very good players, the duo have been on fire with the Vancouver Canucks this year and for the first time in their careers, have begun to get the recognition as being superstars.

Henrik Sedin was born first, six minutes ahead of brother Daniel Sedin on September 26th 1980 in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden. Daniel was drafted before Henrik in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft, they were drafted 2nd and 3rd overall by the Vancouver Canucks. Henrik is a little taller and heavier, at 6'2" and 188 lbs, but not by much (Daniel is 6'1" and 187lbs). Henrik is the passer, and Daniel is the scorer. On the scoresheet, Daniel rarely gets the G, without Henrik getting the A. Last year they finished with the exact same number of points at 82.

The two began their career playing for Modo in the Swedish Elite League. They both won the Golden Puck for Swedish Player of the Year together in 1999, but since there is really only one award, they shared it. They were then drafted by the Canucks and have been with the club ever since, signing a big 5 year contract extension this past summer, identical contracts of course.


In Vancouver the Sedins have always put up points quietly, but this past year they have really elevated their game. Henrik Sedin is now the league leader in points in the NHL and is in second in assists. Though their goals are not always super flashy, they use their mind boggling ESP like passes and accurate shots to get the goals in the net. If you haven't watched a lot of Vancouver games before, you might not understand what I'm talking about. The Sedins have perfected cycling the puck to each other, in fact, they usually don't even have to look to see where the other is, they just pass and the puck is on the other's stick. After many failed attempts at finding them a winger to complete their line, this past year the Sedins have found a third wonder twin in Alex Burrows. The challenge for Team Sweden will be to find the twins a player who can find a connection quickly with the Sedins. Oh, and figuring out which twin gets the bed on the right, and which one gets the one of the left.

They have played in three World Junior Championships and four World Championships each. They participated in their 1st Olympics in Turin in 2006 where they won gold. Henrik had 3 goals and 1 assist, whereas Daniel had 1 goal 3 assists. This time round their role on the team will switch from being defensive players to being able to put up the big goals for the team.

“In Sweden the goal growing up is playing for the national team and of course the Olympics plays into that. Everybody in Sweden loves the Olympics, it’s the number one tournament so when I was younger I wanted to wear Sweden’s colours.

“The pride that comes with that is a big thing; it’s the same for the Canadian players putting on their jerseys, growing up that’s who you dream of playing for so when you get a chance to put that jersey on, it’s a big deal.” -Daniel Sedin

What is Henrik's ideal gold medal matchup? “Sweden vs. Canada, with Sweden winning in overtime.”-Henrik Sedin


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