This is one of the last three home games we have in Vancouver. Savour it people because the next ones will be in like two months.....

That's two months of not paying for overpriced crappy beer that you have to wait in line all intermission break for...oh, wait, the Olympics are right around the corner? Well I might be able to get my fix there.

Oh, and this is the 3rd straight appearence on CBC's HNIC, and after last week's 'journalism' by Ron MacLean, and Vigneault's After Hours, it will be interesting to see what is said this week.

The Canucks D look like a joke right now. Both Salo and Mitchell are out, and most likely will not play against Buffalo on Monday either. Last game with Salo going out during the 2nd, Ehrhoff double shifted and played 25:43, hell even O'Brien played 21:49... Tonight we'll have Ehrhoff, Edler, SOB, Lukowich, Rome and Baumgartner. That's right, SOB and Lukowich are considered in your top four defencemen tonight....yeesh. Confidence? Kinda low right now.

Oh, and we're playing Chicago. So confidence is very low. At least we do have our offense going for us right now.

This is the third of the four games we'll play against the Hawks. The Hawks are currently on an 8 game roadtrip, with tonight being game number 5. They have won the last 3 of 4 games, only losing to the Senators.

Rypien and Hansen are both healthy scratches tonight. So with no Rypien, no Mitchell and no Bieksa, does that mean no edge? Regardless, tonight the Canucks seem f-cked going in to the game just based on what our defense looks like. At least we'll be able to listen to the sweet voice of Hughson tonight calling the game.

Oh, and I've tucked a couple videos after the jump, because in conversation, I found out that I know someone who has never seen Milbury throwing a shoe at a fan. The travesty.

And the Burrows on Auld goal from the game against Dallas