Shane O'Brien is again the the doghouse. According to The Province and the Vancouver Sun, he arrive at an 11am practice at 10:55, and to send a message to O'Brien and the rest of the team really, O'Brien is being benched in tomorrow game against Phoenix. Alberts will be in the lineup in place of O'Brien.

The two papers are saying that he possibly slept in. Riiiight. If you slept in, which you shouldn't because you can clearly afford an alarm, you would call the Canucks office to say you were late then proceed to get you butt to practice. I won't excuse what he did, but neither will I make a big deal over it. He messed up and will be benched, let's move on. And to all those commenter's on the two newspapers, named 'anonymous' that are saying he was at the Roxy last night....get a life. You either need one because you were at country night at the Roxy on a Sunday or you need a life because you think it's funny to make dumb comments.

In other news:

  • The Canucks have signed another Schneider. This one, named Stefan Schneider, is a forward that plays in the WHL for the Portland Winterhawks. He's 20, 6'4", 206 pounds and is originally from Vernon. He had 23 points and 42 penalty minutes in 72 games played this season
  • The UFC event that was supposed to take place in Vancouver on June 12 is a no go as per Joe Ferraro of Sportsnet