Although last nights game ended as a loss, it was a great game to watch, no?

Sure there were turnovers, lots of them actually by both teams, but that made some really exciting hockey. And with a week whose focus had been so much on suspensions and revenge matches, it was refreshing to just have a weekend of hockey. I also fear for any team that get's Detroit if they find a way to make it in to 8th spot.

The Canucks did not walk away empty handed from the loss to Detroit, no, they came out with 1 point. Luongo faced 54 shots from the Wings and unlike a couple games ago, he looked good in net. So did Edler when he calmly swept away the puck along the goal line with only a few minutes left of play. Kevin Bieksa on that lack of clearing of the puck along the goal line on the other hand did not look good. Oh and O'Brien, yea he had a goal and an assist, and kudos to him for not getting minutes in the penalty box for the gordie howe hat trick.

Kesler Contract Extension


If you follow me on twitter, you would have already known how excited I was about this. The Vancouver Canucks were able to lock up Kesler, one of their best forwards to a six year $30 million dollar contract. This will keep him with the Canucks through the 2015-2016 season with an average cap hit of $5 million a season.

I like this contract extension. Although it was not the pay cut that Kesler had urged his other teammates to take, I still like the contract. Kesler has improved each season from when he first made his debut with the Vancouver Canucks back in 2003-2004. When he first hit the ice in his first year in 2003-2004, then in 2005-2006 after the lock out he reminded me of Mason Raymond, had tons of speed (maybe too much for his linemates at the time) but not a whole lot of finish (Raymond has also improved as well). But over the years I've seen the improvement, I've seen his gritty play and know that rest easy when the Canucks are on a penalty kill and he and Burr are out their killing it.

$5 million dollars is fair money for Kesler, I would say that if they had let this go to the offer sheet teams would have offered him $5.5 million. mc79hockey.com compares Kesler to Horcoff in pay rate, skill set and production, and I do see where he is coming from but I see Kesler as having the bigger upside. I do not see Kesler's contract as being as crippling for the Canucks as Horcoff's is for the Oilers.

Mike Richards also makes the same range of money ($5.75 million) is the only other player that I think in the same range has a bigger upside to Kesler. And no it's not that Richards is the captain of the Flyers, because I see that with this signing that Kesler could very well become the next Canucks captain, but because Richards is a number one center. Kesler, being signed to a similar contract length of the Sedins will always be a second line center, but that's not a bad thing, that just means we'll have two very good lines.

Interesting that the deal with Kesler was not something they had been working on all season, but got done within a 24 hour window. He will have a no trade clause that will kick in after he is done being an RFA in 2012-2013

Jordan Schroeder

Schroeder played his first AHL game today and scored on his first shift with the Moose. He would go on to scored another goal as the Moose beat Grand Rapids 4-0.