So let's start off with some good news

2. The Canucks had a dominating performance over the Ottawa Senators on Saturday
3. The Canucks won over the Flames last night

You'd think I could just stop there, but although we did win last night, did the third period make you feel good about the team? Don't fret, the Canucks just ran out of gas. They came out strong outshooting the Flames 20-6 in the first period but wasn't able to register a shot in the third. Luongo did however, have a game where he didn't look shaky trying to smother the puck, so even with the pressure from the Flames, the Canucks still won 3-1. Coming off of the giant roadtrip to two back to back home games, it seems understandable that they would be tired. The Canucks had a break today, and will return to the ice tomorrow night to face the New York Islanders.

Jason Botchford write a great article in The Province about how this team could possibly be the best team in Canucks history. I'd have to agree with him in that the answer to that question won't be decided until the playoffs are over, but based on the stats, our team looks pretty good. And we're good even though we have have lost Kevin Bieksa and Willie Mitchell for a significant number of games of the season. Before the monster of a roadtrip, with a road record that we had, I don't think many Canuck fans would have predicted for us to come out in the spot that we are today. I had thought that it would be a success for the Canucsk to come out .500 over the roadtrip, but to come out with a record of 8-5-1, I was more than surprised.

Of course like Botchford said, the real answer to question about the Canucks as a team will come during the playoffs, but it's nice to see this break from the mediocrity that we've become so used to.

Game against the Islanders tomorrow at 7pm on Sportsnet

In case you missed the Jason Spezza end-to-end goal, I've hidden it after the jump