What a night.

I could barely breathe watching this game. So nervous throughout it, even when we are up 3-0 I was still nervous. But the Canucks came up big tonight. They played a full 60 minutes of solid hockey. They were controlled with their emotions and didn't take the stupid penalties like we saw in games three and four.

The defence came up huge tonight and in more ways that one. Ehrhoff with the initial goal that quieted the UC, then Bieksa joining the rush and scoring off of a pass from Kyle Wellwood. And Bieksa again with a slapshot on the ailing Canucks' powerplay.


Who is this guy Bieksa and where did he come from? Actually I don't want to know if he just keeps playing like he did tonight.

And then this happened:

TSN reports that Sami Salo may have a ruptured testicle from a puck that hit his groin.....


The Province reports that Sami Salo does not have a ruptured testicle.

But the Canuck D stepped it up to cover the minutes he logs, then this happens:


But O'Brien is a trooper, gets stiched up and comes back to play the game. What a beast.

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Oh and if there was a penalty for being a douche, Andrew Ladd should have won that one when he stuck his gloves in O'Brien's stiched up face causing his cut to re-open and bleed down his face.

And the star of the night was this guy:


After not talking to the media today, Luongo stopped pucks tonight. He didn't let out many rebounds, and when he did, he controlled them off to the side. He gloved pucks from the air. Basically he was doing his job and a great one at that tonight Luongo.

Game six is back in Vancouver. Woo!

There was some phantom penalties, like that one Burrows took and then there were incidents that the refs completely ignored. This seems to be the NHL norm for this series, so I'm not angered by it, but just pointing it out.