Could tonight be the last game for the Canucks? Maybe, or maybe not. Could tonight be the last time you see Demitra or O'Brien in a Canuck sweater, or even Mason Raymond for that matter? Maybe. But why ask the questions now? We still have one more game to play tonight. It's back to the United Center for the Canucks, and it may turn out to be the hardest game they have ever played this season. It may be one of the hardest games I'll watch all season.

There was a lot of anger in the city after Friday night's game. If you went to the game, well I know what it feels like to walk away from GM Place after witnessing a loss like that. But for everyone else throwing the team under the bus, it's just a game. Relax. If you can't handle loss, give up on the sport. Sure it's gut wrenching to watch your team give up 7 goals in a game, but it's just a game. And just think, at least you weren't like Ed Willes who watched the game in a Chicago bar that played Chelsea Dagger every time the Blackhawks scored and once after for the win.

ProHockeyTalk asks, has the world soured on Luongo? I'm sure the rest of hockey fans have because his performance has been abysmal. I'm hoping that tonight he'll have a great performance to make up for the past few games. But were they ever a fan of Luongo? I don't feel that was ever the case since he's never 'proved himself' to the rest of the hockey world. If he doesn't win tonight, we'll have lots of time to discuss his performance, his lifetime contract and the team's faults during the summer months.

Yesterday some people got in a huff about O'Brien commenting about the teams chances going into tonight's game, well he was speaking the truth. Besides I don't even know the context is what he was commenting on for him to say that to the media. Don't get so riled up about what he said, it's the truth that statistically a team down 3-1 won't come back to win the series, but it doesn't mean the him/the team has given up on playing game five. There's always a chance, so stop taking what O'Brien said personally or thinking that Vigneault should bench him for what he said.

As always, check out Blackhawks Down Low for your opposition blog, their game preview is here. Game time is 5pm PT

Demitra will be back in the lineup tonight with Tanner Glass out.

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