I've taken a few days away from writing to just relax and let me tell you, it's a whole new world out there with no hockey games to watch every single night. I'm still following the playoffs but with the schedule for the conference finals having both games scheduled on the same day for today and Tuesday, well it leaves me a little bit more free time. Here are some links of stuff I've written, stuff written about the Canucks and interesting hockey stuff to read for this links dump.

Canucks Reads:

  • One of the best things I read after the Canucks exited the playoffs was this one written by the Kurtenblog on their thoughts about Luongo being captain. I completely agree that although I don't think Luongo should be captain, I can't say his captaincy was the downfall of the team. There is a photo of an otter holding a beer bottle in the post, and if that does draw you to click on the link, well I don't know what will
  • The Province lets us know that Shane O'Brien will be around in Vancouver to watch the UFC and questions whether O'Brien will be on the roster next season
  • Last week Luongo said "I love being captain", "I really do. I enjoy the role. I enjoy the pressure of it. It's nothing around the hockey aspect that has changed. It's just other stuff, like talking on the morning of games. That seems to be a big deal. Those are things I have to reflect on."
  • Also last week, Willie Mitchell slams Colin Campbell and the league's refusal for handing out a suspension to Malkin for the hit that caused the concussion (Vancouver Sun)
  • Interesting quote from Mitchell in The Province: "There are a lot of things I wanted to do in the last couple of months to get myself in the right frame of mind, but a lot of those things I just couldn't do. People would kind of look at you the wrong way."
  • Mason Raymond and Christian Ehrhoff was added to Canada and Germany's roster respectively at the World Championships. Not to slag Mason Raymond or anything, but you know that Team Canada doesn't have it's top players playing when you see Raymond's name being added to the roster

Good Hockey Reads: