Tomorrow's game is the second Ring of Honour night for the Canucks. For most Canuck fans, the most memorable memories of Kirk McLean have to do with the Stanley Cup run in 1994. If you watched the playoff run back then, then you can't forget "the save".

But heading into tomorrow's game, the Canucks have finally done what I was hoping for a long time: put Schaefer on waivers.

After training camp when we signed Schaefer to a contract, albeit a really paltry one, I didn't like the idea of him being back with Vancouver. I think it was something to do with the talk by fans when he was sent down to the minors by Boston. I remember fans complain about how even in the minors he was un-productive and not a good influence for the team. I may be wrong on what I remember, but I didn't think he'd be a great fit for the Canucks. He started off with some hustle, but now has been come unproductive for the Canucks on the fourth line. Not really surprising really to me.

So now he's finally on the way out and based on the Province article from above, even if he clears waivers Wednesday he may not report to the Moose as his wife is expecting their second child. Well quite frankly, I couldn't care less if he ever decides he wants to play again. As you can see, I really didn't care for him as a player this time round.

According to Ben Kuzma's article in The Province, the Canucks have recalled Jeff Tambellini (though I don't see on Canucks.com but Dan Murphy does say Tambo is enroute to Vancouver) to skate on the 2nd line with Ryan Kesler and Mason Raymond. Alex Burrows will move up to the top line with the Sedins, and Samuelsson will drop down to the third line and Jannik Hansen to the fourth. I feel like all them are the right moves for the team right now, though I don't think Hansen on the fourth line is because he sucks, but more a 'where else will he fit in' move.

I'm exciting to have Tambellini back up with the Canucks as I liked his speed and felt like he was playing really well before he got sent down to Manitoba when Burrows made his return to the club. In the seven games he's played with the Moose he's had seven points with five of those from goals. The speed that the second line will have tomorrow with is why I'm excited for this change. And maybe if this combination works, then Vigneault can stop switching up the lines. So here's to hoping that the line will be successful on the scoresheet.

But now it's got me wondering, why didn't we do this earlier? and how much more obvious will Samuelsson's lack of production become now that's he's dropped to the third line?