We're midway through November and I've been feeling so conflicted about this team. During the summer I was feeling pretty good with all the changes that happened to our roster, and still feel confident in the job that GM Gillis is doing. But as this season got started all of the expectations that people had on the team made me feel that as a fan there was too much pressure on them to be great. Not that the team would necessarily fail, but that I as a fan would be let down when the team didn't achieve the expectations that were put upon them. What I'm trying to say is that up until a few games ago, I just want feeling into the season yet.

So over the past few weeks, although we have been winning games, I have been torn about writing about the team. The wins are good yes, but it seems like the team is getting by without having to convince me that they really are a good team.

The game against the Senators was a well played effort. We finally got to see Kesler show up on the score sheet in a convincing fashion. Mason Raymond and Mikael Samuelsson on the other hand still have some work to do to. And since we all watched the game against the Leafs on Saturday, I am aware that Raymond did score, but that would not have been a goal on a regular night, that was just a Leafs game thing. Leafs games have a curious way of being one of a kind.

The Canucks carry on with their roadtrip this week taking on the Sabres on Monday and the Pens on Wednesday before heading back home to face the Blackhawks on Saturday.

A few things:
  • Jason Botchford of The Province mentioned on twitter a few days ago about Torres and his troubles in his off ice past and I really didn't have any idea of what he was referring to. Today in The Province, Ben Kuzma provides some insight about Torres growing up having to battle adversity. It's a good read.
  • Pierre LeBrun on the Hotstove on HNIC really got the ball rolling with the media on the Christian Ehrhoff contract talks with the Canucks. So far there has been a contract offered and a counter-offer made and now a break in the contract talks. But this happens with contract talks often, so no biggie right now. In the end, from my understanding, it will come down to if Ehrhoff wants to accept a contract for less than market value with a contending team or go somewhere else for more money.
  • With Mike Gillis making his debut on twitter this past week it comes as no surprise that his first tweets ended up being similar to other Canucks-run twitter accounts. I don't know what people expect with having a GM on twitter, though the early tweets have been expectedly bland. I guess it is a step forward in technology for the NHL as he is the first manager to make a debut on twitter, but unless he decides to surprise us, I don't think we'll see too many interesting tweets to come out of his account.