Vancouver had a great ceremony to kick off their 40th year anniversary and name the 13th captain in franchise history. As expected it was Henrik Sedin. One thing I liked about the ceremony: it was short and sweet.


Here is Henrik being receiving the C from Orland Kurtenbach:

The alternate captains, Daniel Sedin, Ryan Kesler, Manny Malhotra and Kevin Bieksa will rotate the A's. Yes Kevin Bieksa. According to The Province, Henrik chose the alternates himself, which is something to think about. We'll have to discuss that later.


I am kinda in love the Kings' jersey's. They look good in purple and gold, very regal. Don't do it full time because those black ones you have are pretty fierce too, but once in a while ok? Especially love Quick's pads that take on that whole retro look. Whichever training that was in charge of getting those should receive full marks.

Full recap after the jump...

First Period

First period, Raffi Torres looked pretty terrible. Two turnover's that led to scoring chances. Improve on that Torres. Ponikarovsky starts out his night by taking an interference penalty at 6:27 in the first period.

Ehrhoff may be the best German goalie that we have. Fantastic save there in net.


Luongo makes an unreal save on Wayne Simmonds. Simmonds skates away shaking his head

Hamhuis throw a big hit on a player that Mark Lee describes as a "$4 million dollar checking line center".

After getting undressed by Kopitar in slow motion, Bieksa takes a dumb penalty on Justin Williams. It was only a matter of time till Bieksa brings us all back down to reality. Bieksa doing something dumb? Check.

Another dumb penalty by the Canucks, too many men.

But wait - the the period comes to an end, and the game is still goalless. Holy sh-t the Canucks have been able to kill penalties. Shots are 11-11.

Second Period

The Canucks start the second period with a minute to go on the too many men penalty.

Edler takes a penalty by skating forwards and hitting Kyle Clifford with his shoulder. Mark Lee makes a big deal about it calling it a lateral blind side hit. He even reads the rule to us. *sigh*

Malhotra takes out some of Kopi's teeth with a follow through. LA trainer can be seen picking up at least two of them off of the ice.

Commercial break and the Canucks put on a video tribute to Tommy Larscheid. Crowd gives him a standing O.

Mason Raymond looks good working along the boards. Raffi Torries looks like a new player showing offense.


Canucks get a powerplay from another penalty (slashing) from Ponikarovsky but Ehrhoff is like Mr. Invisible just sneaking up through the middle to put the goal in the net.

Why am I still hearing that Green Day song? Can we work on that Canucks?

The Kings have a good few shots on goal, one of which has Brayden Schenn being robbed by Luongo. Out of the corner of the camera you can see Ballard laying a hit on Brown.

Bolduc gets hit into the boards with a hit from Doughty. He leaves the ice with an injury to his leg. Edler then gets a cheap elbow to the head by Jack Johnson and the Canucks go on a powerplay. Kesler is robbed by the cross bar.

Second period ends with the Canucks up 1-0 but Kings lead the shots 18-17.

Third Period

Ponikarovsky takes another dumb penalty by hitting Malhotra into the boards. Ponikarovsky has now had a hat trick of dumb penalties. Canucks waste their powerplay. No shots. But Drew Doughty takes a dumb dumb dumb penalty by trying to take a late tap on Schaefer's head. Schaefer? Really Doughty, you can do better.

At 14:15 Ryan Kesler takes an immature interference penalty and Justin Williams takes advantage and ties up the game.


Bieksa takes a dumb interference penalty in overtime. Old habits die hard. Unreal effort by Ballard, Malhotra and Hamhuis. At one point Hamhuis doesn't have a stick. Two big blocked shots by Ballard. Big chances for the Kings, seriously, how does Stoll or Doughty not score? Unreal kill. As Kevin Weeks would say, there was some good positioning by Luongo as well.


Mason Raymond is the first shooter. Mason Raymond dekes in front of Quick but Quick shutsdown him down.

Kopitar with his mouth of stitches goes top shelf.

Kesler up next and can't beat Quick. He looks frustrated.

Jack Johnson scores. End of the game. Just like 40 years ago, the Kings win the Canucks' season open

Post Game Thoughts:

  • Ballard did not look as slow as he did in the pre-season. In fact, he didn't look slow at all
  • If progress can be measured in not making dumb mistakes, Alberts you have progressed
  • Mason Raymond looked strong
  • Kesler's dumb penalties and visible frustration confirms that Kesler wasn't ready yet
  • I may have a bit of a hockey crush on Hamhuis
Now go check out The Royal Half's screencap of the game