So the season starts on Saturday, and since I used Game Center last year, I was looking into whether I should get it again this year. I reviewed it here if you want some info on it. It's great if you like a team not in your local area, if you travel a lot or if you are a die hard hockey fan who doesn't get Center Ice.

But what about the local games for Canucks games you say?

Well Canucks.com now has all the Sportsnet and Sportsnet One games available for purchase through Game Center. Each game is just $2.99 CAD and can be purchased on a per game basis.

Pretty fantastic eh? Well I think it is since I'm one of those people who still have regular cable and don't get Sportsnet One. So even if I purchase all 13 games on Sportsnet One through the Canucks website that only sets me back $38.87, which is a lot cheaper than hitting the bar for 13 nights.

Thumbs up to the Canucks for offering this service.