I have a certain love for bullet points in blogging. Please enjoy a quick news round up in bullet point form

  • Release their training camp roster and Peter Schaeffer is on it. I'm getting flashbacks to like 12 years ago, based on the interview I saw tonight on the news, he looked better 12 years ago with his dyed blonde hair
  • Cody Hogson is not on the training camp roster. No real surprise there, but via TSN, the Canucks twitter says he doesn't need surgery
  • Former Canuck Brendan Morrison doesn't have a job yet
  • There's a new tie-breaker rule that the NHL BOG's approved of:
    if two teams end the season with the same number of points, the team with the most regulation and overtime wins will be seeded first. Shootout wins will no longer be part of the equation for the first tiebreaker -The Province
  • Yesterday Luongo gave up his captaincy. Today we talked about the reason Luongo is no longer captain. And then we continue to debate as to who should be the new captain. I want Kesler to be captain because I like his feistiness, but feel like Henrik will end up getting it.
  • The Vancouver Sun looks into which channels the Canucks games will be broadcasted on and comes to the conclusion that regular viewers of Sportsnet will not be able to watch 13 games. It's come down to some contract dispute between Sportsnet and Shaw cable. Fabulous. I feel like I've heard a similar story before. In. The. States. The article does say that all games will be streamed live on canucks.com, so internet watching it may have to be.