Get your tickets out, it's the first pre-season game of the year!

So I picked up my tickets the other day from GM Place and was pleased with the look of their package this year. It's all personalized for the 40th year anniversary:


Nice huh? Much better look of the tickets this year than last year. Maybe you don't think it matters, but prettier tickets are nice especially if you are the type of person that keeps their ticket stubs. And personalization of your client's product is sometimes hard to do when you want it to be a classy personalization detail, but I think the Canucks were spot on this year.

Here are your links from today:

  • Hodgson was cleared for full contact in practice on Monday and is pain free and symptom free. He says he needs to get his timing back which should come through practicing with the guys
  • Tony G, which on the Team 1040 sounded almost jovial before tonight's pre-season game writes that this year's schedule is not as bad as last. But you would assume that would be the case in a schedule that doesn't include a 14 game road trip
  • Burrows talks about his part time colour job on the Team 1040/Sportsnet and his french grasp of English: I don't think the swearing will be a problem – it's more the people understanding me, I think,” said the affable Burrows, who is rehabbing from off-season shoulder surgery. “With the French accent sometimes I forget my words and things come out not as I wish it would.”
  • Car 1, Yann Sauve 0. He's on the stationary bike, but still has effects of a concussion as is not allowed to skate
  • On Monday the Canucks sent two players back down to juniors: Sawyer Hannay to Halifax and Alex Friesen to Niagara. Matt Fraser has been release from the club
  • Today they sent: Marco Rosa to Manitoba, Steven Anthony (Saint John) and Adam Polasek (PEI) back to juniors and have released Pierre-Olivier Morin from the team
  • Not something I think that you'd normally want to reveal in an interview, but Raffii Torres said to Matt Sekeres that his summer was terrible [and] horrible. I was pulling out my hair, and yelling at my wife.” because he didn't get a contract till the very end
The Flames won 3-2 over the Canucks in the game in Calgary, if you are interested in a recap of it check out the Globe and Mail and the Flames won 3-1 over the Canucks in Vancouver but from what I heard on the radio, Schneider made some nice saves. Burrows continues his colour commentary tomorrow night on Sportsnet