Here's what has gone on at Penticton so far:

  • Hodgson told reporters on Friday that he is pain-free and cleared for practice with the Canucks. He'll was practicing in Group C with eight other players which will focus on more skills work with other groups. He skated with Alex Burrows who said he looked great on the ice
  • Speaking of Burrows, he's doing colour on the Team 1040 this Tuesday when the Flames are in town for the pre-season game, and two games for Sportsnet on Wednesday against the Oilers, and on September 28th against the Sharks
  • Luongo has lost some weight coming into camp this year. How did he do this? Spending time in Florida on a bike getting his meals prepared for him which to me sounds like a pretty ideal summer
  • Hansen has a good shot at a spot on the 3rd line which is good because out of the number of goals he scored a lot of them were game winning goals. Now if he could only score more goals in total
  • MacIntyre from the Vancouver Sun thinks Oreskovich has a good shot at making the team. "He is a load when he goes to the net, seems largely immune to bodychecks and looks capable of doing serious damage on the forecheck". Based on their description he sounds like a superhero
  • After Day 2, MacIntyre gives Jordan Schroeder the invisible man award
  • The Sweatt brothers are excited at the prospect to be able to play together again on the same team (they together for a season at Colorado College)
  • Morrison is trying to beat PTO odds to make the team because he thinks the team has a chance at winning the cup
  • Tanner Glass is blogging over at Canucks.com about him being engaged and first day of training camp
  • The Canuck trainers will have some fun sorting out what goes where for Tuesday's double header
And for something kinda Canucks related, a story about Kirk McLean and his restaurant "McLean" in Gastown that opened up in July