I'm gonna steal a line from my enemy blogger friend Fang Faction who said in their recap: The final score reads “1-0,” but it should probably read “5-0.”

But did it feel more subdued this game? Do you feel like we won the big prize last series and now we're just going backwards?

Maybe a little. But maybe my enthusiasm for this game will pick up as the series goes on.

Thoughts from game 1 after the jump...

For the first part of this game, it was the Canucks vs. the amazing Pekka Rinne.

Then in the second period, Chris Higgins scored the only goal of the game from Maxim Lapierre

And then we learned what a clipping penalty was.

Aparently that is when you hit someone below their knees. But you can't blame Ballard for taking out a fantastic hip check on someone who is short.

Then a great deal of the third period at the bar I was at was spent discussing if Weber's beard needed some help because it looks unreasonable right now.

End of game thoughts:
  • Best chance by Nashville - the Mike Fisher shorthanded breakaway
  • Canucks outshot Nashville 16 to 5 in the first period
  • I'm gonna go from loving Shea Weber to hating him by the end of the series
  • Shea Weber's beard is textbook for having some little birds start chirping from in there