Another injury to another defenceman you say?

Andrew Alberts has a broken wrist?

And you are calling up Yann Sauve to replace him?

This being the same Yann Sauve that was hit by a car during rooking camp in September? Him then? Alrighty then. Although perhaps I should be a bit more concerned that our IR list houses enough good players to make up an NHL team (Hamhuis, Edler, Ballard, Alberts and Sweatt), I guess I'm not really fazed this latest news. It has gotten a bit comical now though, no?

But at least the situation itsn't that horrific as we're still weeks away from playoffs so there is still plenty of time to heal. Add in the lead in points that the Canucks have over the other teams in the Western Conference and the Canucks are still in an ok spot.

But if you tell me tomorrow that another one is injured, I might lose my sh-t. Can we wrap the remaining able-bodied players in bubble-wrap just in case?