We still don't have any word yet on the state of Hamhuis' health yet. He didn't appear at the Canucks' Dice and Ice event tonight (though really, did anyone expect him to?) and will be examined by the team's medical staff tomorrow. During the assessment he'll go through baseline concussion testing. So we'll probably hear news tomorrow on whether he has a concussion and how much time he may miss from the lineup.

But since Wednesday's night's game against Anaheim, people have been starting to ask if we need to have a fighter on the team. This is all because of three recent incidents that have occurred: the Neil hit on Henrik Sedin, the Michalek slew foot on Ballard and the Getzlaf hit on Hamhuis.

Aaron Rome was the only player on the Canucks who ended up fighting after the incident, taking on a losing fight against Chris Neil, in which he ended up accumulating 17 penalty minutes. After the fight, I sat there debating with my roommate on whether that fight was worth it. Like the statement fight to stand up to the goading of Neil worth the 17 minutes of penalty minutes taking one defenceman out of a team already down one defenceman because of injury? I guess since we were up 2-0 at the time, it was not as big of a risk, but at the same time, you have to think about how many extra minutes your other defencemen are taking on having to play alternate shifts.

So now with the three incidents over the last week, because we need to complain about something with our recent 25-4-6 streak, we are asking if we are tough enough. Maybe instead of this conversation, can we just discuss how bad the Canucks really sucked on Wednesday? Because they sucked hard.

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But if you want to discuss being tough, well I think our team has a good balance of skill, speed and some grittiness. We know some of players can be tough but I don't necessarily want players that are tough and have little else to give. We know that Tanner Glass has fought players bigger than him, or that Bieksa can fight men until his undershirt rips into pieces, but do you want a player like Shane O'Brien back just to add some toughness? I think there is a give and take when you say you want your team to be more tough.

Or maybe this is not actually about being not tough enough and instead we just b-tching because we've had such a good streak going for so long that we are nitpicking after the first regulation loss on home ice in a long time?