Well that sucked. That two game trip out to Boston was taking like 40 steps back from when we left Vancouver. I wrote off Game 3 because it was such a bad sh-tshow, but as for Game 4, that was an all-around poor effort. Not only has the team lost two games, they skated around tonight with no confidence. And the worst part, with no way to solve Thomas.

Now it's not all bad as the series is still tied and it's now come down to a best of three, but if the Canucks can't figure out how to score some goals on the plane ride back, then it doesn't matter that the series is still tied.

There's lots of blame to go around tonight. From the goaltending, to Ballard's mistakes on defence, the lack of composure, to the forwards not being able to score and that powerplay, yeah that still sucks. The only positive from tonight? Schneider looked solid in net.

Maybe I need a night to think about this, but my last thought on tonight: I miss Hamhuis.

Fix your game Canucks, you have 44 hours to get on that.