When the Boston played Tampa, the Bruins marketing department released some ads featuring their Bruins bear and some views on Lightning fans. The Lightning fans didn't take well to this marketing scheme and forced the Bruins to take down the ads. Weak move there people who did this.

One of the best things is seeing what the opposition team/fans can dish up during the series. So I've compiled some by the Bruins themselves and from some of their blogs. If you have more, email me and I'll run another post about it.



And because of this photoshop in December when Boston played Vancouver,


The boys from Days of Y'Orr came up with this one...


Which The Province it seems didn't love. But then again the writer who wrote that story in The Province, who is he and does he have no sense of humor? It looks he Kent Spencer just wanted to jump on the hockey writing bandwagon and this is all he could come up with.