Let's start off by saying that Rogers arena was reallllly drunk last night, it a fun, often hilarious way. I'm not sure I've ever heard a section of fans yell "shoot" at the team as much as I heard last night. Or saw two guys in my section on separate occasions fall up the stairs spilling their beer all over the stairs which is a terrible waste of $8 beer, and then lamenting about it to the crowd. How much of the game people actually watched is debatable and the drunkenness helped fans overlook the not so put-together plays that the Canucks made.

So the Canucks won which is great but a messy 4-3 win over the worst team in the league is nothing to be proud of.

A couple thoughts on the game
-Can we stop with the musical chairs on the defensive pairings? Bieksa without Hamhuis is not a good combination. I get Vigneault juggling the forward lines, but let's please stop doing this with the defence.
-Everytime I see David Booth score it just emphasizes how bad Mason Raymond is
-Speaking of Mason Raymond, let's end the experiment with the Sedins. The Sedins did score last night but not really from help from Raymond with Raymond keeps skating wide. He hasn't busted out of his slump while playing with the twins and I don't feel like he will anytime soon
-How many times a game can Mason Raymond fall down? Even when he doesn't have the puck anyone near him
-How bad is CBJ at hockey?
-JMFJ scored a goal
-Cory Schneider had some big saves at the end of the game
-both goalies, Schneider and Mason has a point tonight
-I missed this Chris Higgins abs photo since I wasn't on twitter last night but here it is via @gutsmctavish24:


Does he not wear a shirt under there? No? Ok, I guess not. This from earlier in the season is better though.

-That coast to coast goal by Alex Edler made everyone in the arena wet themselves:

So with the Canucks going on a four game road trip, how many starts should Schneider get? 2?

This is not Canucks but if you watched this morning's Pens-Flyers game, how good of a game was that? Great hockey to watch while having breakfast. If these two end up in the 4/5 playoff matchup it will be a scary series to watch.  The 3 on 3 hockey there are the end was interesting, some chances but you also saw how the players became more conservative while they had the puck.

And if you watched the NBC Pens-Flyers game you might have seen this commercial. Can you guess who the actor is? Answer after the jump.


Took us a while to get it, like a period of trying to rack our brains but it's Brandon Quinn who you'll know much better as Tom, Lloyd's boyfriend from Entourage