After attending one of the most boring hockey games this season (Nashville game), the Canucks have surprised me in their past roadtrip. A sweep of California? Check Some of the most exciting games of the season in one week? Check. Coming back from being down to the Flames to win the game? Check. Do I want to play the Flames in the post season? Nope

Being that I also blog about another team, I can tell you how much that makes me appreciate the level of hockey our Vancouver Canucks play. Up until recently both teams I follow (the other is the Lightning) were right up there in the standings. Lately, the Lightning have taken a tumble in the standings are being left in Washington's dust. I could get into it more, but I feel that I complain about them enough on twitter and quite frankly, I'm sure you don't care about Tampa Bay at all. But what I'm trying to get at is how good the Canucks are. How great it is to watch this team play so well.

I don't know if many other people who follow the team has felt like this past season has just been a lead-up to the inevitable playoffs. I've said before that I can't get into this season as much as I did last year or the year before, but now that we're in the home stretch of games (12 more), I can feel the start of my nervous anticipation.

Other random thoughts
  • The owners of the clubs must like what they see with how Bettman is running the show for them to give him a five year contract extension. They also understand the issue of going into a renegotiation of a new TV deal and upcoming CBA expiration on a united front. Yes I understand that David Pratt thinks he does a terrible job, but obviously the owners think he is doing something right
  • I hate discussion about head hits or intentional injuries lately. I'm finding myself not wanting to read the 100 blog posts about Chara/Pacioretty. We all know that they are awful and something needs to be done, either by the league or the players themselves....and the players don't seem to care enough to make a change.
  • Winnipeg/Phoenix. Wishing this could just get resolved. Either move or don't move the team NHL, but if I lived in Winnipeg or Phoenix and as a fan of hockey, I would hate to keep hearing about it every day
  • Every time Grabner scores a goal, I lament trading him for Ballard. I've lamented 28 times so far this season
  • How awesome were the Kesler interview bombs? And the video that Canucks.com put together of them? Really shows how loose the team is right now.