So I asked the boys over at Days of Y'Orr to answer some questions on the series for Benched Whale. They were nice enough to help me out when the Lightning played the Bruins last series, and they were nice enough to help me out again.

They self-proclaim that they are 'just a bunch of Bruins fan schmuks talking about the Bruins like we're drunk at the bar (which is more than likely)', and that sounds like my kind of people. They have quickly become the best Bruins blogs out there. You may know them from the Montreal Canadiens Eulogy on Puck Daddy a few weeks ago or the Sedin gnome photoshops.

Besides checking out their blog for the photoshops, be sure to follow all of them all on twitter: Justin, Jon, Robb, Greg and Patrice Purr-geron (a field reporter who is a cat). I'm sure we'll talk a little smack as the series gets started, so give them a follow on twitter. Many thanks to the guys for taking the time to answer my questions.

What has be the biggest weakness for Boston in this series against the Canucks?

Special teams. Again. Boston has somehow made it through three rounds with a power play so atrocious it makes you sterile just watching it. Against a team like the Canucks the Bruins are REALLY going to need to completely bust their slump on the man advantage if they want to win.

Will Julien play the matchup up game or does he just roll all four Bruins lines?

I'd like to say he'll play the match up game but Julien is a stubborn, stubborn man. I think you'll see him roll four lines for the most part, though towards the end of the third period in Game 7 against Tampa he seemed to be double shifting Krejci and Horton. Would love to see more of that in tight games.

There are so many story lines that Vancouver has going into the series (Malhotra's comback, Bieksa's play, Kesler being unstoppable even on one leg etc), what is the biggest story about Boston that I won't hear about in Vancouver?

You're going to get the obvious stories about Thomas being awesome, Lucic being a home town boy and people in Boston burning Kaberle dolls. What you likely won't hear about, and is kind of corny we admit, is how much of a TEAM these Bruins are. One of the few key things we thought the Bruins were lacking the past few seasons is that sense of togetherness, a team that lived and died with and for each other on the ice. We think they have that now. They're a group of guys that are terribly afraid to let the men on their bench down. We think that is a point that simply can't be overlooked when it comes to winning.


Three words to describe Kaberle

Overrated. Sloppy. Vomit-inducing

Boston doesn't do a lot of travel out of their own time zone as compared to Vancouver. How will the travel between Boston and Vancouver affect the team?

 This part concerns us a bit. During the regular season the Bruins were known to slump a bit and get tired after a long road trip of excessive travel. Going coast to coast could take its toll, especially on dudes like Recchi. We're hoping the fact that there is not guarantee of being back in the Cup finals if they blow it here is motivation enough to help them fight through it.

Milan Lucic has a lot of family and friends in Vancouver that are also Canucks fans. If you were them, are you putting on a B's jersey or Canucks?

We think you'll see his friends and family pop on some black and gold Lucic jerseys, but not be terribly disappointed when the Sedin twins embarrass Kaberle and score.

Predict the series.

Vancouver is a powerhouse. No denying that. By far the most dangerous team the Bruins have faced, top to bottom. But at the beginning of the season we picked the Bruins to go all the way and we're sticking by that.  The Bruins just keep rising to every challenge in these playoffs. Just when you think they're done or falling, they come back and kick you in the balls and give you a Ference finger. We think it is going to be a long series, with a couple of high scoring games and an early, "demoralizing" Canucks in in Game 1 or 2. But we see the Bruins finding a way to win in another Game 7 to end a drought and send us partying in the streets.