I've been a little wrapped up blogging about two different teams in the playoffs. It's been pretty crazy to try to cover two playoffs teams at once. LHB has taken away a lot of my attention from blogging about the Canucks, and for that I'm sorry. But now that the Lightning have swept the Caps, I have found myself with time to devote the rest of the series to blogging about the Canucks primarily. So programming should return back to being a bit more regular around here for all those people complaining to me about my laziness.

Playing your style of game
Unlike the Lighting-Caps series, this one looks like it could go the distance. Which, if the Canucks win, this will be unfortunate since it seems every other winner of the 2nd Round will have a lot more rest than Vancouver. This could end up problematic for the Canucks in the long run, but right now we're just worrying about Round 2.

One thing that is interesting after getting through the Tampa/Washington series, is how the Lightning continued to keep playing 'their game'. Now yes their game is a 1-3-1 system that to some can suck the fun out of hockey, but it works and in the playoffs, you have to play the style that works for your team. The Lightning executed that perfectly and are now on a 7 game win streak.

The Canucks aren't the Lightning, and I hope will never, adopt the Lightning's 1-3-1 system. Seriously, watching one team that plays that system all year is enough, I really don't want two employing that style. But the issue with the Canucks is that I find that they keep getting away from their game. They have gotten better in Game 3 in comparison to Games 1 and 2 where they adjusted to playing the style of defensive hockey that Nashville can play. But what the Canucks were successful on all year was their style of aggressive, goal scoring play.

Now going into Game 4, I'm not personally as worried about the Sedins' style of play because I see them working hard, and I have to assume that with the chances they have that the scoring will come in time. Like the style of the play of the overall team, the Sedins played their best game of the series so far on Tuesday. So there's progress right? But it's frustrating to not see them score, no?

So although I may not be worried about them, the reality is that if your best players aren't your best players, then you aren't going to be successful. And really, there are only so many more games for them to do it without dragging this series on for the full 7 game span. They need to step it up asap and start showing up on the score sheet.