Today more than one guy asked me what I thought of the flasher girl from Game 2, everyone from my co-workers to the Fedex guy at my office. When I came home today, my roommate asked if knew if she had been kicked out after the incident (I have no idea) and some of my blogger friends joked and asked if that was me (it was not). This really has gotten a bit overblown.

I have no idea why she did it. Really, I don't. I have no idea if she was kicked out, but she probably should have been.

My thoughts on what happened:

It was low classy. I don't really know why she decided to flash Ben Eager while he was in the penalty box, but she had to have some idea that she was going to get on camera for it. So maybe she was doing it for show, or maybe she was really drunk. Whatever the reason, it was uncalled for. Why? Because hockey games have kids that attend them. This is not some bar where everyone is an adult, no, this is a hockey game that had kids at it and kids watching it at home.

Now, Puck Daddy was able to track her down through facebook today (complete with a photo of what she looks like) and requested her to do an interview with them. She declined and requested that they blur out her face on the photo that they posted on their website. She has since deleted her facebook account according to PD.


After exposing yourself during a hockey game in a place in the arena that you know will be picked up by camera's you want a website to blur out your face? A photo that Getty images is distributing? It ain't gonna happen so just want to deal with the consequences. Seriously, if you were going to flash someone while at an NHL game and know that there was going to be a good chance you'd end up on camera or someone you would take a photo of you, learn to deal with it.

But I think there is a certain level of appropriateness of what you do at a hockey game and this was not appropriate. Flashing Ben Eager made you an embarrassment.

I only feel sorry for the people that care about this girl who had to watch their daughter's topless photo spread like wildfire over twitter last night and end up on the sports blogs this morning.