This photo comes via Puck Daddy and it was originally posted in Pass it to Bulis.

Puck Daddy's description was:
Chris Higgins Ladies ...


I think I've looked at it for way longer than I should. But there is something about it that just isn't really that attractive. Yeah, yeah, I get that we see his abs. Abs, duly noted. But it's just not doing it for me, maybe you gentle reader will think differently.

Put him in a good suit, and heyo, I would probably go for that. Or maybe it's the fact that he's wiping his nose with his jersey and the abs are the only thing redeeming about this photo.

Aside from all the abs photo staring that I've now made you do, go read Daniel Wagner's post that accompanies the photo on Chris Higgins, because it really does outline how hardworking and consistent he has been as a play for the Canucks.