I keep telling myself not to watch the pre-season games. I'm so over the pre-season and yet, last night found myself again watching another pre-season game. Justification was "hockey is on tv". So beside Owen Nolan being cut last night and Aaron Rome breaking his finger, did we hear the new Canucks goal song last night?

Play it like 10 times and maybe it will grow on you.

The song is also being used by a bunch of other teams, so don't think the Canucks are being original here (we have something in common with the Leafs!). But remember the last time they used the same song as a bunch of teams? Remember Crowd Chant by Joe Satriani? Yeah that didn't stick more than a season. Every team wants their own Chelsea Dagger these days, so I see why they are leaning towards this one.

Maybe I should just be grateful that this may mean the end of Holiday by Green Day?