This post is entirely about hockey and not just pretty pictures about boats and sandy beaches. I swear.

So since I have written, I have spent time here:


That's the Dominican Republic. That boat in the photo? Yeah I went out on that for some diving.

Enough with the bragging though as I flew back on Saturday just in time for playoff hockey.

During the time while I was away, I had limited access to NHL updates as I was relying on the ESPN ticker which tells you jack shit about hockey.

I finally caved and spent $5 to access the internet for 30 minutes to find that the Canucks had been on a 7 game winning streak. To someone just reading the scores it looked like that was a pretty awesome little run but of course there was more to the story than just that. I've missed Luongo getting pulled and the Canucks battling back as well as some Ryane Clowe stick antics in the second to last Kings-Sharks game of the regular season.

The Kings blew their 2-0 lead over the Sharks to end up our playoff opponent which provides us this:


The schedule clearly sucks so let's all take a moment to blame the Lakers/Clippers/Coldplay for this. You suck: Lakers/Clippers/Coldplay. If someone could explain why some games are at 7 and others are at 7:30 that would be just excellent.

Honestly, this season went by so fast and even though we somehow ended up with the President's trophy (huzzah!), did this regular season not seem that exciting? So three days left to what feels like the true beginning of our season.

But with three days left to the start of the playoffs, the stress level is coming back from last season with force. The puck hasn't even dropped yet and I've got that nervous feeling like I can't eat and my work day seemed a little frenetic. Or maybe this is the all-inclusive alcohol withdrawal that is setting in on me.

Whatever the reason for my jumpiness, HOW AM I GOING TO DO ANOTHER PLAYOFF OF THIS?

Blogger buddy @theroyalhalf asked if I was going to a game this series, and I said that I couldn't handle the stress. I did make it a point to see all the Kings games during the season, but with the playoffs, no thanks, I'm locking myself in my house, closing the blinds and being my own stress ball in private.

Even though I might not be travelling down to Los Angeles this round, I encourage you the Canuck fan to do so. It could end up being cheaper (even with airfare and hotel) and at the very least it will keep pissing off these fans who don't want Canucks fans to show up.

A post on this Kings message board has 'FiresOne' posting:


Look how Canadian the person is! They used a 'please' in their discussion post!

Cry me a river Kings fans, I hope you sit in a sea of blue and green.