Now that we got that out of the way, I only have to wait 6 more hours until puck drop. Which clearly means the next 6 hours feel like 10 years.


For tonights game please check out the opposition blogs found on the right panel ->

But as you know my favorite enemy blog the I have had the pleasure attending a Canucks-Kings playoff game is the venerable The Royal Half

As with any enemy blog, anticipate being felt insulted and maybe even a little hurt if you decide to pay their blog a visit. It is expected that you will read at least 57 Sedin Sister references and at least 10 riot jokes each day. Don't worry, it's par for the course as us we Canucks bloggers will over-use the words threesome, regicide and Kingslayer for the next week and a half.


The keys for the game?


I know this may come across as obvious, but look at who is in net at the other end. Quick has had a hart-trophy deserving season so tonight's game may end up being a 1-0 game.

An even better strategy than some scoring some goals would be to score the 1st goal and then go from there. If only 1 goal is scored tonight, it better be by Vancouver. I have a feeling that Higgins, Booth or Kesler is going to be huge in this series until Daniel come back to the top line.


As for the Daniel Sedin return, like everyone else I have no idea when he will play but my expert guessing says Game three.

Puck drop is at 7:30

Go Canucks