How are you feeling about this series right now?


Are you a bottle half empty or half full kind of person? Or was it completely empty on Friday night?

I'm not suggesting that drinking a bottle of booze is the answer to the 66% of the people who were cited in this CTV article about how Canucks fans aren't optimistic about the Canucks' chances in this series being down 2-1, but maybe it will help. At least then you'll be able to join in on my blogger friend The Royal Half's drinking game for this series. Huzzah!

But let's be serious, do we need a clinical psychologist's opinion on how we feel about being down 2-0? You take yourself too seriously Vancouver.

And you people on twitter being douchebags to the LA fans on twitter just because we are losing takes yourself too seriously. Maybe you should find another hobby to direct your hate that doesn't involve you getting retweeted by @LOLVancouver

For the next four days our boys' new arena to come back in will be here in sunny California.


An hour before puck drop, just imagine this plaza filled with Canucks fans.

With the Canucks getting away from Vancouver without Daniel Sedin, these next two games could be the end of the series and maybe AV's job here. But it's California, so maybe we need to lighten up a little because they do things a little differently there.

The Fame Makers with the Los Angeles Kings - watch more funny videos

If Mike Richards rapping "wristshot, slapshot, backhand, goal!" (there's even a t-shirt you can buy here), didn't make you smile, then maybe this photo of Dustin Brown will:


Getting warmer?

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How about this one of this photo of Mike Richards and a dog?



How about Jeff Carter and a dog?


Ack, that dog staring at his neck is a little creepy.

Maybe I can make it up to any female readers by offering this gem from the ladies at The Hockey Junkies


No one needs Joffrey Lupul's face there anyways.

But the man candy from the Kings also comes shirtless...


They are no longer dating...


But in all the photo's, Jarret Stoll is known as Rachel Hunter's boyfriend Jarret Stoll.

Maybe you like a shirtless captain instead:


That maybe the best photo of Kopitar I've found ever. He looks significantly less dead in that photo.

Or a shirtless Jeff Carter with ladies?


Matt Greene with a Tanner head?


The Tanne head makes sense if you've read the link above, why he is shirtless with it, does not.

Or Dustin Penner


On second thought, maybe that's enough skin from him in the midsection.

Let's retry with Drew Doughty:


No. No. No. No....

Maybe your prefer them modeling shirts for you to buy:


Oh, but he might have done some recreational drugs? Is that what Burrows was getting at?


Maybe you just don't like him because of that tattoo on his arm. Don't worry, he's got plenty more under the shirt and if you've seen them, those may be reason enough to dislike him.

Oh wait, this is a hockey blog, so maybe I should discuss hockey things.

By the time I finish writing this post, I'm sure AV still has not announced who his starter will be for the game. Yesterday in his presser he had said he knew who would be the starter but still hadn't told the goalie yet and certainly wasn't telling the media. Typical AV.

Not that Luongo has played terribly, but with Daniel not coming back, the only thing you can do to really shake up the roster is to put Cory Schneider in net tonight, no? As much as switching Andrew Ebbett or Dale Weise in, let's face it, it wouldn't change anything. Maybe with a goalie and locale switch this will be the spark the Canucks to play a more focused game. And score. And score on the powerplay. And stop giving up short handed goals. Oh my god there is so many things they need to fix.

Oh and the Lakers are playing the Mavs during the day. Ice will be crap tonight...

Go Canucks