Coming home after a four game roadtrip and then playing their first home game on a Sunday night against the Ducks, this game just looked like it was going to be a mess. The Canucks haven't played well since their win over Boston, they come home with two wins since then, but not very good games played. After giving up a lead to Tampa Bay and having to win it in the shootout, and having to play from behind against St. Louis and win in overtime, you would think with two days off the team would have found the jump to play tonight.

That was not the case...

Tonight's game was lacking energy and motivation to win. The Ducks came in with a 4-0-1 record in their last five games and just looked like they wanted it more. They outshot the Canucks 34 to 23, were more aggressive on the forecheck and were blessed with turnovers aplenty from Vancouver. I think I heard the name Bonino like 15 times tonight, which was 15 times too many. And then there was the hattrick of penalties taken by Bieksa.

I can see why fans left with seven minutes of the game. Sometimes, the product on the ice just isn't there to win.

It was nice to see David Booth back with the team. But like when he first got traded to the them he brought his speed and quick shot with him, but with no trailer of a player to put in his rebound, his effort was wasted. With his return to the lineup the Canucks sent down Mike Duco back to the Wolves.

With tonight's loss and Chicago's win over San Jose, the Blackhawks move up into 1st place in the Western Conference. Next game is Tuesday against the Kings.