Keith only got two minutes for elbowing and Daniel Sedin only skate for 1 shift after before leaving the game.


TSN broke down the hit during their intermission and post-game with their panel and I agree with TSN's analysis over the hit: it was a hit to the head, the puck was well clear of Daniel Sedin at the time of contact, Duncan Keith isn't following the puck and there was an injury on the play.

Since we saw earlier tonight Shane Doan get a 3 game suspension for an elbow to the head of Jamie Benn, I'm expecting a similar suspension to Keith. One thing Keith has going for him is that he doesn't have the history of previous hits to the head like Doan did, so perhaps 2 games for Keith?

TSN also did point out that prior to the elbow, Daniel Sedin did lay a shoulder hit on Keith that connected with Keith's head. I'm not sure if Daniel will get a call from Shanahan on the shoulder hit but does that make Keith's elbow worse because now you know it was retaliatory?