Written by Dani Toth | 10 April 2012

There are a lot of blogs out there that will break down every aspect of this series in grating detail, this blog is not one of them.

But since I have read at least 12 of the 56,902 articles that have been written in the last 3 days leading up to tomorrow's start of the Canucks-Kings series. And like I'm sure you have found, that the majority are all exactly the same thing. To cut down on you wasting time reading previews, here are four of my favorites:

1. Puck Daddy's series preview which for some reason involves zombies.
Even more surprising for the Kings zombie they zombiefied Drew Doughty instead of just posting a photo of Anze Kopitar:


2. The LA Kings Insider series preview focuses on three aspects: Quick v. Luongo, Carter v. Sedin and Power Play v. Penalty Kill

3. The most comprehensive preview I have read so far is Thomas Drance's in Canucks Army. After reading this epic if you still think you need more prep to the series, I don't think anyone can help you.

4. And the most creative one so far is Sterling Archer Reviews the LA Kings. Yankee Canucks may have just won the internet with that post today.

So there you go. You are caught up on everything you need to know about this series. Now when speaking about the series you can sound confident when you discuss Quick v. Luongo *ahem* and Cory Schneider. You can now discuss the two players returning from injury (Carter and D Sedin) and what possible impact they may have on the series. Best of all throw in some Archer quotes in your water cooler talk but just be prepared for a look of horror or disgust from your coworker who probably isn't as cool as you are since they don't watch Archer.

For an added bonus, say to others that Quick is solid in net and was never in danger of losing his starting position in net to Jonathan Bernier this season which may sound obvious to you looking at his record, but know that saying that statement makes you know more knowledgeable than at least one Canucks fan who was on the radio the other day.
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Written by Dani Toth | 09 April 2012

Literally. Here a parody video from blogger @theroyalhalf and KingsCast on Drew Doughty:

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Written by Dani Toth | 09 April 2012

This post is entirely about hockey and not just pretty pictures about boats and sandy beaches. I swear.

So since I have written, I have spent time here:


That's the Dominican Republic. That boat in the photo? Yeah I went out on that for some diving.

Enough with the bragging though as I flew back on Saturday just in time for playoff hockey.

During the time while I was away, I had limited access to NHL updates as I was relying on the ESPN ticker which tells you jack shit about hockey.

I finally caved and spent $5 to access the internet for 30 minutes to find that the Canucks had been on a 7 game winning streak. To someone just reading the scores it looked like that was a pretty awesome little run but of course there was more to the story than just that. I've missed Luongo getting pulled and the Canucks battling back as well as some Ryane Clowe stick antics in the second to last Kings-Sharks game of the regular season.

The Kings blew their 2-0 lead over the Sharks to end up our playoff opponent which provides us this:


The schedule clearly sucks so let's all take a moment to blame the Lakers/Clippers/Coldplay for this. You suck: Lakers/Clippers/Coldplay. If someone could explain why some games are at 7 and others are at 7:30 that would be just excellent.

Honestly, this season went by so fast and even though we somehow ended up with the President's trophy (huzzah!), did this regular season not seem that exciting? So three days left to what feels like the true beginning of our season.

But with three days left to the start of the playoffs, the stress level is coming back from last season with force. The puck hasn't even dropped yet and I've got that nervous feeling like I can't eat and my work day seemed a little frenetic. Or maybe this is the all-inclusive alcohol withdrawal that is setting in on me.

Whatever the reason for my jumpiness, HOW AM I GOING TO DO ANOTHER PLAYOFF OF THIS?

Blogger buddy @theroyalhalf asked if I was going to a game this series, and I said that I couldn't handle the stress. I did make it a point to see all the Kings games during the season, but with the playoffs, no thanks, I'm locking myself in my house, closing the blinds and being my own stress ball in private.

Even though I might not be travelling down to Los Angeles this round, I encourage you the Canuck fan to do so. It could end up being cheaper (even with airfare and hotel) and at the very least it will keep pissing off these fans who don't want Canucks fans to show up.

A post on this Kings message board has 'FiresOne' posting:


Look how Canadian the person is! They used a 'please' in their discussion post!

Cry me a river Kings fans, I hope you sit in a sea of blue and green.
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Written by Dani Toth | 22 March 2012

Earlier today it was reported by all the usual in the know people that the NHL informed Chicago and Duncan Keith that he would have a phone-hearing with Brendan Shanahan tomorrow at 2pm ET. A phone hearing incates that the suspension would be 5 or less games.

But late breaking news tonight by Bob McKenzie it seems that things have changed. Here's what we learned:

So an in-person hearing opens up the suspension to be 6 games or more. It's not guaranteed that it will be 6+, but it allows Shanahan to do go that route if he so chooses. No idea if that means the scheduled hearing tomorrow will change from its scheduled time but this this tweet from Kypreos is also interesting and contradicting McKenzie:
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Written by Dani Toth | 21 March 2012


After missing most of the 1st period rushing home from work, about five minutes into the 2nd period I came to the conclusion that I was ok with a loss tonight. Amid all the fracas in between whistles I was ok with all the penalties takes in the 2nd period, well except for that Henrik hooking one in the neutral zone, because sometimes during the season you just need a night like this. For a little pushback for 20 minutes, I'll take the loss. We've had a lot of losses lately, one more is no big deal. When you come to that conclusion so early on in the game the game becomes enjoyable to watch (aside from the Duncan Keith elbow on Daniel Sedin that I only saw the replays of) with all it's intensity and chirping between every whistle.

Thoughts on tonight
  • Best game I have seen Luongo play in a while
  • Best game I have seen Mason Raymond play in a while
  • Why did it take Zach Kassian so long to become involved in all the pushing and gloves in face stuff? He eventually got a 10 minute misconduct and 2 minute roughing minor but I kept wondering why Bieksa was the one going after Keith and not Kassian
  • Is my questioning of Kassian coming from seeing that Cody Hodgson scored two goals tonight. Yeah, that might have something to do with it
  • That sell-job by Luongo in the third was terrrrriiiibbblllle
  • Malhotra was scratched tonight but in every article written about him in The Province, do we have to spend a paragraph going through the backstory on his eye injury? If you live in Vancouver and are reading an article about the Canucks, doesn't everyone know he has had an eye injury by now?
  • Earlier today the Canucks announced that they signed goalie Joe Cannata to a two year entry level deal. He was a sixth round draft pick of the Canucks in the 2009 draft who just finished up his four years with Merrimack College. He'll be coming to Vancouver to watch some Canucks games before joining the Chicago wolves on their roadtrip when they take on Abbotsford. Expect him to be playing for the Chicago Wolves next year
  • Getting a point tonight in the overtime loss the Canucks are now 5 points back on St. Louis
  • We play the third place, and Pacific Division leader, the Dallas Stars tomorrow night
  • I really hope that Daniel Sedin will be ok
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Written by Dani Toth | 21 March 2012

Keith only got two minutes for elbowing and Daniel Sedin only skate for 1 shift after before leaving the game.


TSN broke down the hit during their intermission and post-game with their panel and I agree with TSN's analysis over the hit: it was a hit to the head, the puck was well clear of Daniel Sedin at the time of contact, Duncan Keith isn't following the puck and there was an injury on the play.

Since we saw earlier tonight Shane Doan get a 3 game suspension for an elbow to the head of Jamie Benn, I'm expecting a similar suspension to Keith. One thing Keith has going for him is that he doesn't have the history of previous hits to the head like Doan did, so perhaps 2 games for Keith?

TSN also did point out that prior to the elbow, Daniel Sedin did lay a shoulder hit on Keith that connected with Keith's head. I'm not sure if Daniel will get a call from Shanahan on the shoulder hit but does that make Keith's elbow worse because now you know it was retaliatory? no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 20 March 2012

While watching the Lightning-Leafs game the other day I saw this during one of the intermissions on Sun Sports. I didn't get a screen cap of it at the time and now that I go back to my GameCenter, I can't watch the intermission programs anymore. But my problem was solved when I came across The Goalie Guild's post that grabbed a few screen caps of Dustin Tokarski's pads and went the extra mile to get a bit more of the back story on it.

Let's start out with a look at the pads (both screen caps are from The Goalie Guild):


Look closely at the name stitched onto the pads...



Yep, those are Dustin Tokarski's pads with Luongo's name stitched onto them.

So the story that Sun Sports was trying to explain (that didn't go into great detail as to why Luongo's name was stitched on there) was something to do with Tokarski's original pads not being suitable for the NHL when he got the callup from the AHL (maybe something to do with the sizing) and so Reebok sent him a pair of pads for him to use.

These turned out to be a pair of Luongo's returned pads. In the post by The Goalie Guild, Justin Goldman gets in touch with Mike Mole, an equipment rep from Reebok who clarified the story a bit more. From the interview, the pads were originally made for Luongo to try out at a goalie summit that Reebok conducted and these ended up going back to Reebok after the summit. Tokarski tried them out and felt comfortable in them enough to keep playing in them for the last few games while up with the Lightning. With the signing of goaltender Sebastien Caron, Tokarski might be heading back to Norfolk so who know how long these will stick around, but neat story anyways.

To bad these pads didn't give Tokarski magical powers since he's been like a sieve during the last few games. Could that have anything to do with Luongo's name stiched on there?

To read the full exchange head over to The Goalie Guild to read Goldman's post, great job by him on contacting Mike Mole for more clarification on the backstory. no comments